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isAdventure Calendar was a pick-your-path daily advent calendar sent straight to your inbox for 25 days. Originally starting on the 1st December, every morning you received another part of the adventure, along with choices for you to make which will alter your story. (and its free!)

How does it work?

Every morning you will receive an email with the next part of your story. At times you will be asked to make choices that will change the path your adventure goes in. Your adventure will then continue the next morning.

How often will I get an email?

You will get 1 email every morning. (unless you sign up late and need to catch up with the other adventurers)

How long does it last?

Your adventure will last 25 days, starting from the 1st December. Each day will take you no more than 5 minutes.

It’s after 1st December- Have I missed out?

No, not at all. You can still sign up and you will receive all the catch up emails leading up to the current day.

How much does it cost?

It’s totally free!

Can I unsubscribe?

Of course, every email you receive will have the option to unsubscribe at the bottom if you want to end your adventure early.

Will you send me junk?

Nope, all your information is kept safe and will not be given away to anyone. You will only receive Adventure Calendar emails.

What if I make the wrong choice during my adventure?

Be careful of this, like in like there is no ‘undo’, so make your choices carefully.

Who made this?

This game was made by Ed Naujokas (me), you can follow me on twitter or instagram

If you have any more questions or just want to get in touch feel free to contact me at