“Hey, what are you playing?” You ask.

“Weez ar playinz tha bestz and only gamez weez no. Goblinz Dice.”

“Goblin Dice!? Thats a rubbish game!” You reply.

“Goblinz Dice rubishz uz say! Goblinz Dice is bestz!”

“You would say that though, because you haven’t played Tavern Dice. How about I teach you Tavern Dice and if I win you let me go, but if I lose you can take all my things?”

“Welz thatz no betz. Weez ulredy haz ur stuffz!”

“Yeah thats true, also it wouldn’t be fair on you, Tavern Dice requires skill, unlike Goblin Dice which is just pure luck.”

….. “WHATZ! Thatz not twuuez! Weez r tha bestz at Goblinz Dice, and Iz betz weez r tha bestz at Tavurnz Dice! Cutz em free an letz playz!”