“Hey, hey, hey! Break it up, steady on. It’s only a game.” You shout whilst trying to tear the goblins apart.

The goblins tussle dies down and they start to listen to you.

“Why are you fighting over a game? It doesn’t really matter.”

“I gess uz iz right. It juz made me feel cheatedz by sumonez I fought woz myz frwendz I trustz” says Goblin #1.

“Imz sowryz, I fought, uz woz cheatedz me too” replied Goblin #2.

The three goblins then begin to discuss their feelings for the first time in their lives.

After a couple of hours of consoling the goblins they decide that after you’ve been so nice to them that they’ll let you go with all your things.

The sun is just starting to come up and you actually think you can see the edge of the woods…